Understanding The Difference Between NICE and FAS-J Slide Gate Motors

The NICE RB400 versus the NICE RB1000 Slide Gate Opener

The NICE RobusKit 400 gate opener kit comes with a slide gate operator, photocells, a key switch, MLBT flashing light, an ON2 transmitter and a signboard. This is built for gates weighing up to 800 pounds. This user-friendly system could power and control up to 7 pairs of photocells. It may be controlled by an optional battery. It has temperature sensors, a master/slave detection, an obstacle detection feature and adjustable acceleration and deceleration speeds. The base and the release are made from pressure die cast aluminum with an epoxy paint finish.

On the other hand, the NICE Robus RB1000 slide gate operator is a commercial system that has an electromechanical switch powered by BlueBus technology. This is ideal for huge commercial gates that weigh up to 2,200 pounds. NICE is composed of an integrated system that communicates with each other in order to perform with ease. The NICE RB1000 is comparable with the RB400 since it is made from durable and weather resistant materials but the RB1000 is for larger and heavier slide gates.

The FAS-J Slide Chain versus the FAS-J Slide R&P Gate Opener

The FAS-J Slide Chain slide gate opener FAS-SLIDECH300BBUP is a chain-driven slide gate operator that can handle gates as up to 300kg in weight and a height of 8m. Users will be able to set the position and the location limits of the gate. Has an automatic closing function, soft start and slow stop features, multiple interfaces (for infrared, solar and external buttons) and comes with all the accessories that you need to install and operate a slide chain gate.

On the other hand, the FAS-J Slide R&P Gate Opener is a set that includes two remote control transmitters, a wireless keypad and a solar panel capable of handling 20 feet of chain. This chain driven gate operator is capable of handling heavier and taller gates; it can take weights of up to 300kg and heights of 8m. The FAS-J Slide R&P Slide Gate Opener comes with the features of the FAS-J Slide Chain is very similar to the FAS-SLIDECH300BBUP. It provides the user to set position and location limits, comes with a soft start and slow stop technology, with automatic closing functions and multiple interfaces (infrared, solar and the use of external buttons). It also comes with all the accessories that you need for installation

Basically, features of slide gate operator models are very similar to each other leaving the main difference between them are their gate height and weight capacities. Technically, larger and higher gates need more powerful slide gate motors and gates that are found in places where there are unforgiving environments are made from tougher and more durable materials. All slide gate motors are equipped with state-of-the-art security and safety features therefore taking time in choosing and comparing ideal gate operators for your industry is a must.

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