Time Management – Understanding Time And What You Should Be Doing With It

Many time management courses and literature tends to miss the important point what it comes to time management: time management is neither a technique nor a system. Like time itself, time management is a biological, psychological, conceptual and sociocultural process. Western culture has created a time-system that most are born into and are compelled to follow. If there is a single point to making time work for you is it this: in western society people have mostly forgotten the art and importance of listening to their inner voice. Our reliance on material clocks, watches, broadcast time checks, factory sirens, alarms etc. is starkly contrasted with the inner sense of time that today still serves aboriginal peoples perfectly well.

We all have this ‘inner voice’ but of course is not given a chance to be heard in our twentieth century style of living. But given half the chance, it can still empower us with the confidence needed to take the best courses of action and escape the impose ‘life script’ we place upon ourselves.

So how you manage your time should only ever be what is right for you and will help you to relate to the world in which you choose to operate, not necessarily one imposed or contrived to fit the idealism of a training course on time management. Whichever way you see it you must understand, you rule your own diary and do things – things that you can do – when you feel like it.

Most conscientious and concerned working people do not deliberately delegate or communicate poorly, operate in a disorganized way, procrastinate or daydream. Mostly they are as productive as they personally wish to be, or can be within their society and it’s systems or within their own biological and psychological limitations. These are the people that aim to get the most out of their lives and are working towards a future or state of mind that they will be happy in. Are you one of them?

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