Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions

Art really comes alive in the Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions. As an artist, Spencer believes in keeping the authenticity of his designs personal and each piece looks handcrafted by him. An artist best known for his beautifully crafted emotive figurines, Joe Spencer manages to put faces onto his tiny figurines while depicting each holiday he is trying to represent.

While the Joe Spencer Halloween collection brings in the spookiness of the festival, his collectibles are absolutely to die for. Halloween couple Gortisha and Mr. Bones from his 2009 collection deserve special mention here, both of who might remind of the Joker from the Batman series. But keeping it true to Spencer’s artistic nature, both figurines are fashionable and spooky down to the very little details. For 2011, Spencer has created another outrageous couple- The Monster couple, who look inspired from the Frankenstein monster we see in regular comic books. Vance Devil, Esmerelda Spider Witch and the Mischievous Devil Hanger also deserve special mention.

Joe Spencer collectibles are beautiful little memorabilia which can either be generic, or holiday specific. For example, Joe Spencer gathered tradition spring figures beautifully represent the bloom of the season, while his benches, stools, sleds and chairs are perfect to showcase his beautiful work in your house. Spencer’s designs are simple, effective and in certain cases outrageous in a positive way. Spencer’s two patriotic figurines depict the vastness of his creative talent with an Uncle Sam and an Uncle Eagle stuffed fabric dolls. These make special Joe Spencer collectibles and are very popular amongst the lovers of art and collectors alike.

Spencer also has an unique collection of Christmas figurines and decor. His variety of Santa Claus figurines and elf figurines are like no other. Each one has their own personality and again, his attention to detail makes each one look specially hand crafted just for you. Candyman Santa, Jules Santa and Giles Santa are absolutely fabulous. He also has a collection of amazing snowmen and snowboys and snowgirls.

Gathered traditions by Joe Spencer is true to its name. Spencer comes across as a man with a lot of respect for tradition which he successfully imbibes in his creative outputs. None of his creations are ever against the conventional look or feel of a festival, but they are not boring either. Joe Spencer is one of the favorites when it comes to beautiful figurines and memorabilia and one look at his products, it is easy to understand why.

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