Global Market of Handicrafts

Brenda T. Weitzman

Handicrafts represents the rich heritage of a country. Artisans and craftsmen indulge in bringing forth the history, culture and tradition of the nation in handcrafted items. In this context, India is deeply engrossed into making of handicrafts. The rich vibrant color of these hand-made items has established a grand global market. Manufacturing of various crafts such as pottery, ceramics, clay pieces, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, textiles, paper craft etc has helped in generating enough revenue of the handicraft industry.

In Asia, these industries give an additional employment and raise the level of living for both rural and urban people. The market share of global handicrafts industry counts 100 billion. Handicraft industry serves a dominant role in the development of economy of the rural mass and earns substantial foreign exchange.

Like India, the Oceania countries mainly including Australia & New Zealand are equally very much indulged into the handicraft’s industry. Their industry is actually producing ceramic arts & crafts, jade jewelry, decorative hand blown glass, jewelry & paper crafts. The Govt of Australia is spending about A$6.3 million per year in this industry, since the country has grown excessively in the few past years.

United States is, in fact, one of the biggest & the most important contemporary market in the handicraft industry. This country has an approx 127000 people employed and accounts for approx US$13.8 billion in this world’s largest industry. Canada has accounted for a total of over $100 million exports and comprises of individual craft persons, media guilds, studios, enterprises, public and private galleries & industrial organizations. The country employs about 22,597 persons in this sector.

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