Estes Park Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park

Brenda T. Weitzman

Looking for something a bit less crowded, less stuffy, more uniquely your own? Dare to be different! Estes Park Colordo is waiting for you! Discover some of the hundreds of miles of trails and terrain, enjoy the surreal majesty of Rocky Mountain National Park. Experience Colorado without distractions and high-verlooten attitudes. You’ll find rushing streams, towering peaks, placid lakes, tall timber and gorgeous wildflower meadows – everything a Rocky Mountain paradise should be!

Estes Park is a year-round getaway; Summer offers up world-class hiking, climbing and mountaineering, fishing, golfing, concerts and galleries. Winter brings skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skating, sledding…Any time you visit, there are oodles of options, fun things to see and do, and the folks at Estes Park will make you feel right at home.

Speaking of home, you’ll find awesome lodging choices, from cabins & chalets to condo rentals or a room at the comfy hotel where Stephen King wrote a good bit of “The Shining.” Know what else? We know finances have been tough lately, so we’re about to make it a lot easier for you. You’ll find money-saving coupons, discounts, deals, budget helpers and year-round bargains galore when you click on the links at the left side of the screen!

The Arapahoe tribes have visited the area for thousands of years, but it was a pretty well-kept secret til just recently. Estes Park was named after Joel Estes, an early settler to the area. Surrounded on all sides by national forests, this warm and friendly town sits alongside the Rocky Mountain National Park, and rests on the banks of the Thompson River. About 80 miles from Denver International Airport and less than 40 miles from Fort Collins, it’s convenient year round as well. You’re certain to fall in love with the area. You’re going to need to come back several times to see it all, but you’re going to want to return for the way Estes Park lets you relax and unwind at the same time.

Rocky Mountain National Park is huge in so many ways! How big does it get? The base is over 7200 feet, and Long’s Peak towers above at over 14,000 feet! But that’s not the only way it’s huge. There’s an Artist-In-Residence program, there are campsites, and even during the winter the trails in lower elevations remain open to hikers. Yet with all the ways one can enjoy and experience the park, it is still preserved and protected. Commercial activity within the park is extremely limited, maintaining its pristine splendor. Although skiing is allowed, there are no ski lifts of any kind within Rocky Mountain National Park. Equipment rentals, mountaineering instruction, and the like are all based out of Estes Park, to keep the national park as natural as possible, while allowing it to be enjoyed by everyone. That’s the sort of treat that’s becoming exceedingly rare these days. With so many Federal lands being compromised, the opportunity to visit such a wilderness while it still can be seen, such an opportunity should not be squandered or missed.

Few places provide so beautifully preserved a year-round vacation destination. Take a moment to click on those links to your left. Check out what’s available to you in Estes Park, and get those money-saving coupons, bargains and discounts while you’re at it! Estes Park is a rare treat, served au natural. Enjoy!

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