What Is A Purpose Statement And Why Is It Important?

A purpose statement states certain significant features of the individual which will be illustrated in the application. This statement will explain the basic attributes of the individual to the admission committee. Moreover, this will demonstrate the influential factors for the augmentation of one’s bright career path. There will be an explanation about the professional interests and futuristic approach of the candidate. All these factors should be explained in such an interesting and positive way which can make the person jump out of the statement without even opening one’s mouth. Most of the people misunderstand the statement of purpose as a plain testimonial of information. They need to know that statement of purpose can be told with the help of stories, anecdotes or any creative work of art.

It does not matter if the purpose statement is concise or subtle but the sole quality of this statement lies in the way it is written. This factor is mandatory to be included for making the successful statement of purpose out of an ordinary one. Candidates should know that there is nothing but the statement of purpose which determines the control of an individual over oneself. The proficiency of an application packet determines full control of the candidate over past academic and extra-curricular records. There is a mandatory need to include the scores of all the tests because these scores can reflect the minds of interviewers.

Candidates should consider the references of the letter writers very cautiously. However, these references are not with in the control of the candidate but they need to take the best possible commendation from the letter writers. Purpose statement lays a path for the candidate which can make one speak directly with the admission committee. This path demonstrates that respective candidate is best out of the bunch with same qualification and attributes. This statement of purpose will show the enthusiasm and thirst for working inside the firm with regular enhancement in the core value and the knowledge of individual. Candidates get frightened by looking at the perfect purpose statements in the admission handbooks. They feel a surreal sense of scarcity in their skills because they wonder on the way the previous purpose statements were written.

Purpose statement should be written with proper application of the previous successful statements of purpose. They need to express their average life in such a unique manner that interviewer should believe that the candidate is a remarkable personality. If there is something negative in case of the academics, then candidates should show the actual reason for their degradation. During an interview, there are tow possibilities. Either interviewer will take control or interviewee will take control. Candidates should make sure that their interview is commemorated by the later possibility and only a successfully written purpose statement can make this possible. There is a need to understand positive and negative influences of one’s personality on the basis of quality maintained while writing the statement of purpose.

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