Top 10 Architecture Books of 2010

Architecture is the source of identity as it defines the structure of a state. Britain is rich in its architectural heritage, which stretches back to more than 5000 years. After the era of great recession the construction and infrastructure sector in the UK boomed and the number of architectural institutes and training centres consequently grew. Today, professional architects to protect your interests by providing comfort, utility, size, appearance, style and location that suits you. As Roman architect Palladio Vitruvius once said that architecture should provide firmness, commodity and delight.

Architecture is the art and science of defining space. Designers pay attention to the local practices regarding materials and colours, roof pitches, eave lengths, window-to-wall ratios, and the socially significant relationship of buildings to their site and the street. With the advent of technology and new innovations the emphasis of the modern commercial architects have diverted towards energy efficiency and green building by making eco-friendly researches and development of healthier environments for the good of future generations.

Books play a vital role in learning and in gaining knowledge about various skills used in building procedures. It is the basic foundation on which academic skills of an individual are built. An architectural book usually starts from the basics of architecture like design, drawing, the creative process, and presentation. The reading of an architecture planning book starts from basic of building design such as how to draw a line. A number project architect administrative books contains chapters covering the areas such as project delivery system, resident inspection office responsibilities, documentation, construction laws and labour relations, materials, claims and disputes on properties, project closeout and others.

Various books and publications have been providing the fans of architecture and amateur architects with the basics of architectural world. The most favoured books of this year that contain information on architecture includes

– Down Detour Road: An Architect in Search of Practice by Eric J. Cesal

– Ethics for Architects: 50 Dilemmas of Professional Practice by Thomas Fisher

– The Diagrams of Architecture by Mark Garcia

– Shigeru Ban: Complete Works 1985 -2010 by Philip Jodidio

– The Architecture of Hope: Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres by Charles Jencks and Edwin Heathcote

– Turkish Art and Architecture: From the Seljuks to the Ottomans by Giovanni Curatola

– Research & Design: Faculty Work, The City College of New York – Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture by George Ranalli

– The Surreal House by Jane Alison

– Almanac of Architecture & Design 2010 by James P. Cramer and Jane Paradise Wolford

– Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles by Ruth Barnes and Mary Hunt Kahlenberg

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