Simple Ways Of Reducing Wrist Tattoo Pain

Wrist tattoos are very beautiful and they can leave you looking stylish and unique. The inner wrist happens to be a common spot for the placement. This area is however very sensitive and can be painful when getting the inking done and after the tattoo placement is complete. Wrist pain that is severe can make it hard for you to normal tasks done and you would need to come up with ways of reducing the pain. You are supposed to make minimal disturbance to the tattoo after it has been placed so ensure that you remain gentle even when trying to alleviate the pain. Below are simple methods of reducing the pain associated with wrist tattoos.

1. Clean your tattoo properly

You will get cleaning advice from your tattoo artist and you should follow as guided. Hygiene is very important if at all you are to keep infections at bay as the wound heals. It is recommended that you use non-exfoliating bar soap with mild warm water if you have severe wrist pain. The cleaning should be done after the bandage has been removed. It is advisable to thoroughly wash the wrist before and also after the tattoo is placed.

2. Keep it off the sun

When you have a fresh tattoo you should keep it off direct sunlight. Exposure to heat alleviates the pain. Simply avoid the painful experience by covering the tattooed area well before going out to enjoy some sun. Vitamin D is beneficial for the skin, but allow healing before you expose the tattoo to keep pain at bay and to protect the fresh ink.

3. Use some ice

It is a great remedy that works by numbing the wrist, hence offering you pain relief. Remember that your skin has been pierced and pain is definitely inevitable. It is advisable that you place ice cubes on the wrist before the tattooing process begins to keep after-pain minimal. The ice cubes should be wrapped in a plastic sheet to avoid freeze burn and you should also not place for longer than 10 minutes if you want to avoid frostbite.

4. Try topical anesthetics

There are very good anesthetic creams out there you can use to numb the skin and reduce the pain of wrist tattoos. The creams act on the skin nerve endings soothing the pain and relieving it too. Ask your tattoo artist for any recommendations before getting the tattoo and find out what creams can be used after the placement without interfering with the inking.

5. Keep out of the swimming pool

The truth is that chlorinated water can end up increasing the pain around your wrist when you have a freshly done tattoo. You also should keep of rivers and lakes because even though they may not have chlorine, they could have microbial and bacterial interactions that can lead to infections. Ease the pain by avoiding swimming for a while.

6. Be careful with the bandage

Bandaging is important in healing the pierced skin, but it should not be too tight because it will only increase itching, swelling and pain.

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