Memorial Gift Ideas: Unique Gifts to Ease Pain of Loss

When dear friends and family are grieving over the loss of a loved one, sometimes cards and gift baskets simply can’t express your deepest sentiments. Below are a few suggestions for unique and heartfelt offerings that can bring a silver lining to the greyest of days.

Memorial Jewelry: Jewelry that Carries a Memory

Create a fashionable second use for any keepsake, photograph or memento by turning it into memorial jewelry. You can wear your loved one close to your heart always in a necklace made of fired glass and ash. Or transform that faded picture in your wallet into a distinctive work of art in a keepsake photo pendant. These pieces are relished and affordable gifts that pay homage to dear memories while also adding an elegant or funky keepsake to your jewelry collection.

Photo Keepsake Charm Bracelet: Jewelry That Carries Memories

The charming charm bracelet – a most popular and traditional option that is suitable for any age and occasion. Adorn your wrist with a keepsake photobracelet that will transform along with you as you jingle down life’s path. With this gift, you can keep your most precious moments and people close at hand in a wearable photo album of ½” by ½” charms. Unlike a zip drive or CD, this classic gift of photographs can in itself become an heirloom to be appreciated, amended and bequeathed throughout a family tree.

Memorial Textile Art: Art Quilts Reflect the Personality of a Loved One

Memorial textile art is a stylistically versatile option for a memorial gift. The variety of textures, colors and materials can offer a multi-dimensional work of art that tells a story and warms a room (literally and figuratively). Traditionally, tapestries doubled as home decor and insulation and were woven to depict a history or myth, or as a commendation. Now artists can accomplish the same goal by printing a photograph onto fabric to create a tribute piece for a loved one. Conversely, they could craft an abstract piece full of colors and conceptual imagery that play more to their subject’s personality or interests. A grandpa who loved to fish may be commemorated in a tapestry full of photos, cool colors and visuals reflective of his favorite pond. Textile artwork utilizes a variety of textures and colored fabrics (crafted either by machine or by hand) and often integrates ornaments like jewelry, mementos, beads, feathers, seeds, etc.Giving textile artwork gives the gift-giver and the artist the opportunity to explore a creative and impactful way to pay tribute to their subject.

Memorial Paintings: Memorialize A Favorite Place or Loved One with Art

That secret swimming hole where you spent your summers; the cafe in Italy where he proposed; the family at your cabin in the woods: When a special person or sacred place is depicted in your home, the painting helps draw that sense of serenity from your heart into your household.

A memorial portrait affects a similar result: hosting a painting of your loved one often brings comfort and light into a space where a shadow has fallen in their absence.

As with all of these customized memorial gift ideas, consider the additional devotion and care that the artists invest into a gift uniquely crafted for love and healing.

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