Make Closet Doors Disappear With Paint

The entrance hallway or bedroom often comes with large closet doors that in most cases are utilitarian in design. While great for hiding all the clothes, linen, and other storage items you may have, the plain white doors can be an eyesore. This is particularly true if you have painted the walls in your favorite color and decorated around the closet with pictures and artwork. Your closet doors may appear to chop up the space and draw unwanted attention.

For these reasons, you will probably want to make those doors disappear, or at least look far less imposing than they do now. If the doors of the closet are a stark white, wood veneer, or any other color or finishing, it is an easy project to make them fade into the background using paint and a little creativity.

Blend them into the wall: Paint the closet doors the same color as the surrounding wall to make them disappear. You will have a continuous expanse of pleasing color in your room, instead of color that stops and starts abruptly. If your closet doors are framed in trim, make sure you paint the trim as well, otherwise the contrasting color will stand out.

If you have painted your walls in stripes, paint the closet doors with the same stripes. If you have stenciled a pattern across the walls, continue it on the doors of your closet. If you have wood paneled walls, you can create faux wood grain effects on the doors using glaze and a wood graining tool. Applying stain to wood closet doors is another option to make them darker, such that they blend in with dark-colored walls.

Reflect the colors and artwork in the space: Your closet doors do not need to be a single block of color. In fact, they may stand out more if the rest of your bedroom is covered in bold and bright patterns, for example. If you have a large art piece displayed on the wall opposite your closet, try reflecting the colors and shapes featured in the piece on the doors of your closet. Use painter’s tape to help create straight lines and geometric designs, or paint a picture with free hand.

Give them the look of furniture: With the variety of faux finishing painting techniques out there, you can give your closet doors a customized look. Think about creating a finish similar to the other furniture in your room, so your closet will appear to be just one piece of a set. Use the appropriate paint tools, techniques, and colors to create the look of dark mahogany wood or light bamboo. Add matching doorknobs and molding to enhance the look.

Imitate the look of fabric: Contemporary homes tend to incorporate natural fabrics and various textures into their design, and you can imitate the look of these materials on your closet doors. For instance, if you have linen shades covering the windows, paint the closet door with a faux linen finish. Other finishes like faux grass cloth and faux leather can make these doors blend in seamlessly with the d├ęcor.

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