Getting Out of Your Small Barbados Hotel and Into the Night

Spending the day in Barbados swimming, shopping and sightseeing can leave tourists worn out by night time. Families traveling with children are especially prone to exhaustion by night time leaving no room for fun when twilight sets. Once in a while, parents and couples need time to have fun in the dark of night to experience another side of this Caribbean island to make the trip a little bit edgy and adventurous. They have to shake off exhaustion and get out of their small Barbados hotel, breath in that tropical air and anticipate the exciting night ahead.

Barbados is no stranger to night life. With hoards of celebrities and upper crust of society regularly visiting its shores, the island is ready for a party anytime and every time.

Couples who want to relax can spend the night dining at the world class restaurants sprinkled all over the island. The tropical island has the advantage of having the freshest seafood and ripest fruits which the restaurants transform into fine cuisines and sinful deserts. The first-class restaurants have a collection of champagne, wine and rum for the exacting connoisseur.

The young and hip crowds seeking night haunts can’t be disappointed. This Caribbean island boasts a number of night spots; the party atmosphere is hard to beat.

The ubiquitous sound of calypso music can be heard everywhere in the island. Bands play in cafes and bars while guests are welcome to dance to their contagious rhythm. Reggae and steel pan music are also local favorites; many internationally known bands still play in venues around the island. If reggae or calypso is not your type of music, there are new local bands that are building a name for themselves who play alternative music. The younger guests may appreciate the music of bands like Diftwood or Roadhouse.

Many international stars love to perform concerts in Barbados. Check the internet to see if they are playing on your scheduled visit.

Barbadian culture is showcased in the Harbour Lights Nightclub where dinner shows are regularly scheduled. There are fire eaters, limbo dancers, stilt men, and traditional Caribbean dancers who entertain dinners. The Plantation Theater also caters to tourists who want to experience the music and culture of the island through their performances.

Lexy Piano Bar at Holetown in St. James hosts parties and live music almost every night. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday. The chef is Japanese so expect lots of sushi and Japanese style cuisine. They serve drinks so minors are not allowed in the premises.

If you have an urge to sing, there are numerous karaoke bars in the island. Be sure to brush up on your notes and mind the alcohol to avoid embarrassing situations you’ll regret when you’re sober.

Aside from piano bars and dinner theaters, there are sports bars and pool halls for the dads and the men who want to seek kindred spirits.

Setting aside a night of fun completes the island experience. Tourists won’t regret leaving their boring small in hotel Barbados because the party just started.

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