Exhibition Stand Contractors

Panache prides itself in offering complete Exhibition Stall Fabricator solutions to its clients. We do not outsource our work to ancillary agencies or studios. We have in house facility right from designing studio to state-of-the-art workshops and printing facility.
Our in-house facilities gives us competitive edge over the competitors and this is what make us different from the rest of the industry.

Fabrication of a bespoke design is the most crucial and the most challenging part of an exhibition stand contractors job. Creating the design is the easy part; transference of the design from the drawing board to the actual physical form is the real test. We are proud to say, that as one of the leading exhibition stand contractor in the region, we have been delivering the exhibition stand to our clients within the time frame given by the organizers. Panache Exhibitions always believes in “What you see on paper is literally
what you get”. Once the exhibition booth design has been finalized, we ensure that the fabrication of the booth receives undivided attention and its execution is precise to the last measurement.

Our state-of-the-art workshop has world-class artisans and is the sanctum where our designs come to life. With some of the best exhibition stall fabricator infrastructure in the industry, it gives us the capability to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. At our printing facility we ensure the best quality printing of the graphics that are going to be used at the exhibition booth. Having our own printing facility helps to get the printing done even at the very last minute. Panache Exhibitions understand that every client is unique in way that their objectives are different and each client wants to achieve a different targeted goal through the means of participating in the exhibitions.
Our project management teams ensure that we deliver better than what we have promised to our clients. Panache Exhibitions have an strategy wherein we have a dedicated project manager and project supervisor for each of the stand and this ensures the hassle free installation of the stand design.
We are admired by our clients for our dedication to make every project a grand success to our participating client, and thereby they say “When you choose Panache, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.”
Next time while you plan to participate in an exhibition must check on your exhibition stand contractor whether they have an in-house facility or not because you believe it or not it play a very important role in the success of your participation.

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