Differences Between Candid Photography and Professional Photographic Portraits

When discussing types of pictures that can be taken by a professional photographer, there are two main types. Candid photography lends a more personal feel to each photo, and captures life as it is happening. Professional photographic portraits on the other hand, are more about chronicling an event, and preserving it on film in a staged manner. Each method has its own place and time in which it is most appropriate, and the information below will provide you with the main differences between the two styles.

Positioning and Appearance

One of the main differences between candid photography and photographic portraits is in the way they are positioned, and in the way that they appear. Candid photographs are taken on the go when life is happening, and present pictures of an event as it was. Professional photographic portraits however, are staged using sets, props, and a predetermined position. These photographs capture an image and preserve it in the way that it was positioned to look.

The appearance of these two types of photography are quite different, in fact, candid photography can often look like it was not done by a professional at all. It can sweep you away, and remind you of a past event with it easy appearance and candid positioning.

Photographic portraits preserve things in their perfect condition. They allow you to look your best, or capture something or someone in an ideal way. Often, when somebody goes to a professional photography studio or hires a professional photographer, they will opt to have both forms of photography used. That is because while different, these two styles both have their own merits and value.

Equipment That is Used

Another major difference between candid and photographic photography is the equipment that is used for each. Candid photography is usually done with much lighter weight equipment. There is often no need for a tripod, lights, and certainly not backgrounds or props. It is often done outside with natural backdrops, and usually on the go.

Professional photographic photography is quite different on the other hand. It requires the use of heavy equipment, large tripods, elaborate lighting, props and backgrounds, and often other items as well. The idea behind photographic photography is to make an object or person look their very best, and a variety of measures and tools are used to achieve this.

When They Are Used

When looking for differences between candid and photographic photography is important to explore the difference between when they are both used. For instance, photographic photography is better suited for taking still photos that you wish to look professional and staged. These might be wedding photos, children’s photos, family photos, or even pictures for cards or invitations.

Candid photography however, is generally used to capture the action of an event. That is why candid photography is often used to capture wildlife, sporting events, wedding receptions, or even news events.

While each of these photography styles has various times and places that they can be used. It is also possible for them to be used in the same situation at roughly the same time. In the example of a wedding, before hand you may wish to have photographic pictures of the wedding party taken. However, during and after the wedding you may wish for a photographer to use candid photography to capture the action in every moment of the day.

Both candid and professional photographic photography have their benefits and appropriate times to be used. While there are differences in these two styles of photography, they both require the skill of a professional photographer in order to present a beautiful finished product. When you know the differences between these two styles of photography, you can make the choice of which one is best for you.

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