Colour and Brush

Colours are so fascinating.Since the initial stage of life, colours have attracted all the eras and ages. The very pioneer of colour is the beautiful and mother of seven primary colours—–RAINBOW. It is so exclusively described by different legends:

– For some, the colours of the rainbow are the warnings by god about the calamities going to happen;
– Other believe the rainbow to be the bridge for the god from the sky to the earth; and
– Some said, there is a gold pot at the end of rainbow.

Well, the fact is – rainbow is the natural spectrum of colours. It is formed when the sunlight falls on the water droplets present in the air at the time of rain.

If we talk about the scientific way, then it is – electromagnetic spectrum which has a white light, also called visible light (along with radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and gamma rays.). When the white light passes through the prism, then all the basic seven colours of spectrum can be seen.

Well, human being never sits quiet. Since he has been sent by god on this earth, he is still exploring the amazing wonders and surprising the nature from which he has discovered all the facts.

Out of so many fields, one vast field in which human has utilized the beauty of colors is through the pen and brush. Let the brush flow flawlessly on the canvas or on the wall, in the both the ways they have mesmerized the viewers.

Let me inform you about the different arts of India, using the colours and also some different unusual items. But before that, let me guide you about some art terms:

– ACRYLIC- quick-drying plastic based paint;
– COMPOSITION- elements and colour completing each other in a work;
– FRESCO- a painting on the freshly plastered wall;
– IMPASTE- thickly applied paint;
– LANDSCAPE- painting a nature;
– MEDIUM- material that is used to make an art;

Wait and enjoy other interesting information about Indian art.

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