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A designer is one who makes or creates art in a beautiful way. These are people who have a creative mind and put their thoughts into work. Specifically in Australia, there are various professions on which are categorized by the designing label. This could contain a line of work such as interior designs, architectural, fashion design, landscape architects, jewelry designs, graphic designs, furniture designs, industrial, textile designs and many more. The first Australian Designers were the Indigenous people. Nowadays, over fifty thousand Australians are engaged in designing.

A famous Australian Architect Designer is Glenn Murcutt. Born in the Great Britain by his Australian parents, he has been known all over Australia as one of its distinguished and eminent architects. In 1956-61, he was educated in the field of architecture at the University of New South Wales. He has made many significant buildings including the Magney House, Artists Centre on the South Coast, The Ball-Eastaway House and many more. He has won many prestigious awards like the Pritzker Prize, the Australian and American Institute of Architects Gold Medals.

In terms to fashion designing, Carla Zampatti is one of Australia’s best. This Australian Designer is the Executive Chairman of the Carla Zampatti Pty Limited. She first produced small collection called Zampatti Pty Limited in 1965, then following the national launch two years later. Then in 1972, she opened her first boutique in Surry Hills, Sydney. Until over the years, she has opened at least thirty boutiques in Australia. Then in 2008, she was awarded The Australian Fashion Laurete which is the uppermost achievement honoured in the Australian Fashion Industry.

In versatility, no one can question Catherine Martin’s exceptional talent. She is a costume designer, production designer, set designer, and also a film producer. She has designed many movie sets including Geoffrey Rush’s Diary of a Madman, La Boheme, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She also won academy awards for best art direction as well as best in costume design. She has also designed many designer rugs like the “flora and fauna” on which was commissioned Yosi Tal of Tal Company.

Australia also has a booming graphic design industry. It has many talented designers including Ken Cato, a graphic designer that was well-known since the 70s. His notable designs were the Australian Made Logo and the Qantas Airways Logo.

When it comes to interior design and furniture, Australia also has contributions to the world such as the contour chair built in the pre-world war II era designed by Grant and Mary Featherston. Until now, it is still used by many. Marc Newson is also a famous Australian designer now making his name in design markets in European countries. Schiavello from Melbourne took part of a Major furniture furnish in the World Bank as well as an Australia-based New Zealand company.

Whether it comes to many fields of designing, Australia has many talents to offer. Many Australian designers have become world famous and in demand for their works, and because of that encourages many aspiring designers to strive hard for them to achieve their goals also.

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