African Tribal Art – Origin For Modern Art From Africa

The artists of Africa inspired the art of the West, energizing great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Modigliani. Their spirituality and abstraction and imagination helped to free Western artists from their restraint and help them do create modern European art..

Today, the torch has been passed to a new generation of African contemporary artists, artists such as Efiaimbelo, Fanizani Akuda, Frederic Bruly Bouabre Prince Twins Seven-Seven, and Reinata Sadimba. These artists continue to uphold the excellence of the artistry of their forefathers. Classic African tribal art had a mystical element and spiritual significance, actually many were used for mystical purposes. African art techniques were passed from generation to generation

Nowadays the world is changing quickly in Africa. Below, we will discuss 3 contemporary and outstanding African artists. These artists are introducing the world to the new Africa, its new artistry and forms. They are seeking to create their own standard.

InĂ¡cio MATSINHE: Contemporary African artist, Inacio Matsinhe (born, 1945-, Maxixe, Mozambique), is a master of his country’s Mozambique, plastic artistry. His beautiful paintings feature warm and vibrant reds, blues, violets, yellow and green. Matsinhe is also a very distinguished artist, earning the two scholarships from the Gulbenkian Foundation and traveling the world to study ceramics in Italy and later in London at the Poytechnic Institute SirJohn Cass-School of Arts. In 1977, he opened an atelier in Lisbon, where he provided an exhibition area for fellow artists.

Malangatan Ngwenya: African contemporary artist, Malangatan Ngwenya (born 1926-, Mozambique) is one of Mozambiques most famous of the visual arts artists. Mozambiques considerable art talent was most notably recognized by tennis player Augusto Cabral, who provided Ngwenya, with art materials and assisted him in selling is work. In 1959 he had his very first public, group art exhibit, and in 1961, his first solo one. A few years late he spend a period of 18 months incarcerated, later, nearly 40 years later, he would be awarded the 1997 UNESCO Artist for Peace. In the early 1970’s he received monies from the Gulbenkian Foundation where worked with ceramics and engravings. His art has been exhibited all over the world in places like Angola, the United States, Nigeria, Swizterland, India, Portugal and many more places. He has an advocate for artistry and has helped to create major institutions as the Natural Museum of Art, and the Centre for Cultural studies. Ngwenya is also a prominent political figure, he helped to found the Mozambican Peace Movement.

Kivuthi MBUNO: African Contemporary Artist, Kivuthi MBUNO, (born 1947-, Kenya) is a renown international artist. His art has graced the very best museums and galleries all over the world. MBUNO has an affinity for nature which was developed as his turns as a Safari chief. MBUNO ink, pastel and colored pencils drawings generally include people, animals in their natural environments and also wide spaces.

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